Christmas pudding, ham, roast potatoes and mince pies are all delicious but are not going to earn you any Vitality points. The Xmas season can make it very hard to follow healthy habits.

So what food can you eat during the festive season that is healthy, yet delicious? How can you stay fit during the holidays? As the leading motivator to live a healthier life, Generali Vitality understands the importance of staying healthy – even during the silly festive season.

Here are some tips for making this Christmas your healthiest yet!  

  1. Drink enough water: Stay hydrated! Alcohol and sugary drinks are usually high in calories Watch out for the wine, brandy and port during the festive season and try to limit your intake. Drink as much water you can, at least 8 glasses of water (or herbal tea) a day. During Xmas it can be challenging to drink your recommended daily portion of water to stay hydrated. The best choice is to drink a glass of water after every other drink.
  2. Limit your sweets intake: You can easily be tempted to eat an excessive amount of chocolate, cakes, pies, sweets and other unhealthy food items. Keep track of the amount of sweets and do not eat all the chocolate you get as a gift. Keep them for the rest of the year. Fruit is the best alternative - they are rich in healthy, natural sugars and a good alternative to sweets that contain large quantities of processed sugars. You will also get your daily recommended vitamins and minerals that way. Moreover, drinking plenty of water will naturally control your sugar cravings.
  3. Stay active: Getting enough exercise (for example by going for a walk or run before breakfast) will not only make you feel better but will also curtail sugar cravings. 30 minutes of physical activity every day is enough! Plus you will avoid weight gain and feel more energised during the day. Don’t sit all day… get up and move!
  4. Eat well but eat less: Christmas lunch and dinner can be calorie bombs… on average we consume around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day (1). Go for a normal-sized meal, try to eat slower and take enough breaks to figure out if you are still hungry. And if you have the choice, go for fruits and vegetables that are rich in natural carbohydrates and avoid high-calorie food items like roast meat with gravy and stuffing.
  5. Choose a healthy breakfast: Start Xmas day with porridge or muesli, they contain oats that suppress your appetite thanks to their high fibre content. Add fruit or honey to make it sweeter. Keeping your appetite under control will prevent you from overeating snacks while waiting for the big Xmas lunch.