Eat fruit and vegetables and drink water instead of coke. Let’s face it: We've heard it all before. But paying attention to a balanced diet can be a real struggle, particularly for people with an office job. Healthy nutrition is important, and here are the 6 best reasons and tips for a healthy diet and to break your bad Habits:

Prepare food in advance: Getting used to preparing your meals in advance will make it easier to save money and stick to a healthy diet. Buy your groceries on the weekend, prepare healthy meals on Sunday, store them in the fridge and take them to the office.

Take your time:

One mistake people make at work is to eat too many snacks. Take more eating breaks, eat more slowly and stick to three main meals a day.

Choose the right snacks:

Small snacks are useful in between meals if they’re healthy. Fruits, vegetables, yoghurt and nuts make you feel full and supply the body with vitamins and nutrients. Nuts increase the ability to concentrate.

Go for veggies:

Go for at least two portions of vegetables every day. This doesn’t mean saying no to your favourite dishes. You don't have to stay away from pizza if you add some vegetables to your plate instead of fries. A vegetable-rich diet will make you feel more productive and energetic.

Stay hydrated:

Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day helps you to focus. Start your day in the office with a bottle of water instead of going for soft drinks.

Start the day right:

Good food alone doesn't make you Einstein. But since our brains need nutrients to perform well, a healthy breakfast can help you focus better during the day. How about a smoothie and a big bowl of oatmeal with eggs?

Never miss:

Broccoli, potatoes, fish, walnuts, avocado, spinach, blueberries, carrots, beans, and oats are all considered superfoods, disease fighters and energy boosters. Add them to your diet and try to eat them as much as you can.

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