Generali Vitality, the first insurance programme that rewards a healthier life, is all about staying in shape. Running is one of the most effective ways to keep in good physical condition. Scientific evidence doesn't only prove that regular exercise (150 minutes per week, 30 minutes per day) can bring health benefits but can also be great for the soul. Moreover, runners tend to live much longer: an hour of running can add 7 hours to life according to research.

Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons to put on your running shoes today:

  1. Sleep well: running doesn't only help you stay in shape but also improves the quality of your sleep. Those who go running regularly find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. A recent study found that 150 minutes of exercise per week improves sleep quality by 65%. This is mainly because of the post-exercise drop in temperature that promotes falling asleep.
  2. Feel happier: running releases endorphins in the brain. This natural drug makes us feel more energetic, upbeat and helps us to forget the stresses of the day. Leptin levels fall, which generates the feeling known as the runner's high. Plus running is just the same as reaching a goal: whether it's a marathon or a quick run in the park - we automatically feel chuffed with ourselves when we set a goal and accomplish it.
  3. Get smarter: running helps to keep the mind sharp. Several studies show the link between exercise and enhanced cognitive function. People who exercise frequently tend to be more attentive to their environmental surroundings and able to process information more quickly. Plus running boosts memory power and reduces symptoms of dementia.
  4. Live healthier – visit the doctor less: regular running reduces the risk of several illnesses including many cancer types, heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. Runners also tend to have lower blood pressure, good cholesterol and have a stronger immune system protecting them from colds and other viruses.

In the Generali Vitality programme, members are nudged to get more active: when members go for a run for example, they collect fitness points and are rewarded with exciting rewards like a 40 percent discount on their holiday trip. The more active they become, the higher the rewards.